Identifier referenced generator model


When creating a new ecore model, which has references on the pcm.ecore, there are some ecore models, which are automatically referenced by the pcm.ecore.
One of these referenced models is identifier.ecore.
Those references are found in the genmodels as well.
When reloading a genmodel by clicking right mouse button on the genmodel and then reload and choosing the respective ecore model in the "Ecore Import" View in the wizard, the next view is "Package Selection".
Normally you can choose there the root packages and the referenced generator models.
All packages, which are needed for the pcm.ecore, are listed in the root packages checkbox list, including the identifier.
However, when choosing the referenced models in the referenced generator models checkbox list, identifier is missing. The only way to reload the genmodel is letting it in the root packages, which results in copying it into the project. This leads to a namespace conflict, because the identifier is already loaded as a plugin and is additionally in the project.

I found a workaround to overcome this issue:
You have to open the respective genmodel in a text editor and insert:
at the respective position. After that, reloading the genmodel results in listing the identifier in referenced generator models. Now it is in there for every further reloading.

I think something is wrong with the identifier project, that it is not automatically listed in the referenced generator models list.


Operating System: OS X 10.10.5 and Windows 10,
Eclipse Mars.1 with latest updates, Palladio Nightly with latest updates.


Stephan Seifermann
March 15, 2020, 7:56 PM

I cannot reproduce this issue. I created a new ecore model that references the PCM meta model via

  1. workspace reference to pcm.ecore

  2. registered EPackages

In both cases, I could successfully reference meta classes from PCM and the identifier meta model. Reloading works as intended. The mentioned issue does not appear.

What might have caused the issue for is a previous execution of the wrongly created gen model. As soon as code for the identifier meta model has been generated, there will be an extension that registers the generated code. This overrides installed meta models. However, if the generated artifacts have already been deleted, the new genmodel cannot reference them, which leads to a missing entry in the dialog.

Long story short: Most probably, this was an issue regarding the usage of the EMF toolchain rather than regarding our meta models.

Martina Rapp
February 3, 2020, 1:15 PM

ticket needs further reconfirmation

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