Test Fork Example Model


This test checks aspects of the PCM forks (ForActions) are simulated properly.

Currently, a system with two asynchrous forks and one synchronisation point are tested with a closed workload.

More test cases could be added as more services of this example model.



Test Case Description

Test Step

Expected Result


Start PCM and import PCM Fork Example in workspace

PCM IDE up and running, PCMForkExample project available in workspace


In the PCM Fork Example project, right-click on "Fork Test.launch" and select "Run As"->"1 Fork Test"

A simulation run is launched. The simulation should complete after a few minutes (or less).


Check the simulation results.
Open the "PCM Results" perspective. In the experiments view, select "Memory Datasource"->"Fork Test"->"Experiment Runs"->"Run ..."

Double click on result "Response Time of defaultUsageScenario". In the opening window, double-click on "JFreeChart Response Time Histogram"

A diagram should open, visualizing the simulated response time of the called service. The response time should be 1.2 in about 75% of all cases and 1.0 in about 25% of all cases.


Check the utilisation of CPU and HDD: Double-click on results "Utilisation of aName [CPU]" or "Utilisation of aName [HDD]". In the opened window, double-click on "JFreeChart Utilisation Pie Chart".

The utilization of CPU and HDD should be about:

  • Idle 11.5%,

  • Busy 1 job 85.2%,

  • Busy 2 jobs 3.3%.


Martina Rapp
January 14, 2021, 4:47 PM

result testing day 11-11-2020: test failed

Max Scheerer
November 11, 2020, 3:55 PM

The project does not contain any monitorrepository-model so that the SimuLizar-test cannot be performed.


Martina Rapp


Stephan Seifermann